The 2013 vintage was among the warmest in Washington State in the last 20 years, comparable to but slightly cooler than 2003 for heat units as measured in Growing Degree Days (GDD). Despite the accumulation of warmth from April to October, 2013 was marked by unusually consistent weather, without the heat spikes and dips of the 2003 vintage. For this reason, I believe that 2013 will take its place as one of the best vintages ever in Washington. For white wine, we were surprised to see full flavor development and ripeness at very low brix levels. While this phenomenon seems to go against expectation in a warm vintage, we now understand that the sustained heat of June and July actually suppressed sugar accumulation, putting us in better position in early September when we harvested, an average of 22.1 brix for the Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon.

Nose: Generous tropical and stone fruit aromas: pineapple, mango, peach, and green pear, braced with racier notes of grapefruit, orange-citrus and kiwi fruit. Pungent crushed cedar-leaf and juniper berry surround background notes of wild grasses and tarragon leaf.

Palate: Steely and racy up front, with sustaining brightness, intensity, and polish. Shows honeycrisp apple, canteloupe, peach and lemon-zest flavors, finishing clean on citrus, mineral, and juniper.

Wine color: White

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