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7 August 2018

Notes from Cadaretta winemaker Peter Devison in early August 2018.

The 2018 growing season is looking to post average numbers in terms of growing degree days … Growing degree days are a measure of heating (or cooling). The total of growing degree days from a starting point (like bud break) can be useful in projecting harvest dates, and comparing different vintages and grape growing areas.

Whereas May was warmer than usual, it cooled off in June and most of July was pretty consistent until the very end when it warmed up with several days reaching 100+ degrees F. Grapevine canopies are larger and healthier this year, which helps combat the hotter days and allow for proper ripening until we cool off into September.

At our estate Southwind Vineyard we are just beginning to see hints of veraison (the onset of ripening as evidenced by color change and softening in the grapes). I’m guessing we will start harvesting the vineyard mid- to late-September.